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Paul Ketchel is CEO at MD Save, Inc. and he tells us how we can search for health care. Mark Litpon is author of Mean Men: the Perversion of America's Self Made Man.   Learn about the traits of top acheivers. 

Stuart Vener is a radio & media syndication master at whose success in syndicated shows tells us about the world of information and entertainment today.Ruthi Postow Birch is the auther of: How to Build a Piano Bench: Lessons for Success from a Red-Dirt Road in Alabama.  She writes from her experience which she share with us.

Brandi Britton is District President for OfficeTeam which is the world’s largest specialized staffing firm for administrative professionals. Dr. Mark Davey is CEO and Co-founder at Confitex which makes functional incontinence underwear designed for confidence.

Brian Michaud, Senior Vice President of Client Service, ADP TotalSource and he brings us his story.James Rosseau tell us about the innovative offerings of LegalShield which provide useful services and information to clients. 

Seth Green is the author of: Market Domination for Podcasting: Secrets From the World's Top Podcasters Chris Meyer is CEO of Magilla Loans

Jerry Mills is CEO of B2B CFO with serves owners of privately-held companies with transition services, advanced services and basic CFO services. Alex Dastmalchi is CEO of which owns and operates a portfolio of lifestyle, beauty, and health brands with products that consider the customer first.

Reed Hanoun is CEO at MyAbilities delivers workplace risk mitigation and injury management strategies through AI and data analytics.Paul Bellantone, CAE is President and CEO of Promotional Products Association International - serving as the yearly launch pad for the promotional products industry, The PPAI Expo brings more than 12,000 distributors and more than 1,200 exhibiting suppliers together under one roof for the five-day event.

Herschel "Buzz" Peddicord is President/CEO of InControl Medical which designs and manufactures innovative products that cure bladder leakage and incontinence for men and women. Michael Brainard is Founder and CEO of Brainard Stategy - a management consulting firm that provides organizational development and business strategy consulting and solutions.

Marvin Harris is CEO at Ovalz which provides Freight visibility and compliance for shipping and logistics.Dr. Brian Smith is the Senior Partner at IA Business Advisors which offers business consulting for Operations, Training, Start-Ups, Growth, Transitions and Rescues.  He is also the author of Find The I In Team

Francesco Bachieri is the Presidet of Voxnest which provides podcasters with business solutions for their broadcasting needs. Greg Witt is the Chief Strategy Officer of Engage Youth which creates relevant brand engagement with tweens, teens and young adults.

Srivatsan Laxman is Co-founder and CEO of Frontdesk AI which offers advance artificial intelligence services with the help of human assistance to provide 24/7 customer assistance.  David Bloom is the General Manger of Sterling Talent Solutions which is a human resources company that helps with new hire by providing; background checks, verifications, workforce monitoring, drug/health screening and more. 

Stuart Robertson is president of Capital One Advisors 401k Services . He joins Recalculating to tell us about Spark 401k  Marisa Costonis is a certified health coach who conducts individual and group coaching programs, workshops and enjoys guest speaking engagements. Marrisa authored Change Bites: 5 Change Management Strategies to Transform Your Health

Leslie Guzman Lupita is the Owner and Creator of Lupita Tradition which features a Mom’s Choice Award-Winning Bilingual Storybook book and colorful children's doll. Jeffrey Dennis is a partner at Newmeyer & Dillion LLP, Attorneys at Law, a full-service business law firm that provides full legal services within a collegial and supportive environment.

Tom Shorma is President of WCCO Belting - a leading manufacturer of rubber products for agriculture and industry.  Jeff Kreisker tells us about People Science - dedicated to finding, sharing and creating behavioral insights for the modern marketplace. We're building a community of researchers.

Janis Powers is the author of Health Care: Meet the American Dream and the designer of a health care system that eliminates health insurance.  Ulrich Kellerer is the author of One Moment Can Change Your Life .  He is a talented storyteller, book writer and inspirational speaker that is giving his life a deeper meaning and purpose.

Chris Dyer founded PeopleG2 with cutting edge technology that makes background checks happen.  Martyn Lewis is founder and CEO of Market-Partners with a new research-based, market-proven approach to revenue generation totally focused upon the Customer Buying Journey.

Natalie Hodson created an active business for Modern Mom Lifestyle, a very informative Blog, and an Online Shop and more for Healthy Living Samuel Hendler is the Managing Director, Technology, Media & Telecom Investment Banking Group at Harris Williams & Co

Judy Robinett founded  her reknown company J Robinett Enterprises which provides instant, effective strategies for meeting the people you need to know and bonding with them fast to further your goals and theirs, as does her book: How To Be A Power Connector Bretton Putter is the founder of CultureGene at His book: Culture Decks Decoded is the first of its kind handbook details what a culture deck is and explains how successful companies use theirs to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Rick Miller tells us about his company, Being Chief which inspired his book on leadership: Be Chief  Barbara Marder is the Global Innovation Leader at Mercer which recently partnered with the American Benefits Councel to showcase innovation from a variety of organizations regarding employer innovations in Health Benefits.

Kevin Boyles Vice President and Business Development Director at Millennium Trust Company which helps building wealth with an Alternative Investment Network of Specialized Custody Solutions.  Marcos Jacober is a Brazilian Immigrant Went From Truck Driver to Millionaire in 4 Years Life Hacks. His book: Eat This Mr. President and his company: Life Hacks help put business owners in the driver seat of their own success.

Brian Marcel is the author of: Raise the Bar, Change the Game: A Success Primer for Budding Entrepreneurs Who Want to Change the World. He wrote this as a success primer for budding entrepreneurs who want to change the world. It helps others find the entrepreneur within. .  Deb Gabor tells us about Sol Marketing which helps build winning brands. Sol helps the brands of clients win by finding and engaging with your best customers, those most predictive of your success.

Dr. K. Eric DeJonge, MD is President of the American Academy of Home Care Medicine which delivers on the promise of interdisciplinary, high-value health care in the home for all people in need by promoting the art, science, and practice of home care medicine.Tasha Mayberry tells us about Buzz Box PR which offers an affordable, effective, and quickest way to generate buzz for your brand that goes beyond traditional marketing with a unique approach.

Bob Neuhaus works at J.D. Powers and he s responsible for syndicated and proprietary studies in the banking industry including the new Direct Banking Satisfaction Study, the Banking Mobile App Satisfaction Study, the Credit Card Mobile App Study and the Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study.Rania Anderson is a highly recognized international speaker, author and executive business coach. She tells us about her book, WE: Men, Women, and the Decisive Formula for Winning at Work , a book that is transforming the ways men and women work, lead and succeed together. 

Richard Milam is pioneer in the Robotic Process Automation technology movement, Richard Milam brought a revolutionary operational efficiency solution to organizations worldwide with his conception of Foxtrot RPA, EnableSoft's flagship product. Jenn Garbach is CMO of Small business at Capital One .  She tells us about thier new survey and she explains the workings of small busines from an inside point of view.

James Rosseau tell us about the innovative offerings of LegalShield which provide useful services and information to clients.Steve Murphy is of President of Franchising at Winmark Corporation, a nationally renowned franchising and leasing business. 

Brian Weed is CEO Avenica which places recent college graduates into career-track, entry-level positions with great companies. Jonathan Zacks is a co-Founder of GoReminders which is an innovative appointment reminder App that sends helpful text reminder & appointment confirmations to schedule & confirm appointments. 

Paul Jarvis is the author of Company Of One which makes a compelling case for making your business better instead of bigger.  A must-read for any entrepreneur who prioritizes a rich life over riches. Jennifer Fitzpatrick MSW, CSP is the Founder of Jenerations Health Education, Inc. and the author of  Cruising Through Caregiving .  If you're facing the daunting reality that you’re about to become a caregiver can offer answers you need.  Find more at: 

Rob Greenlee is Vice-President of Podcaster Relations at Voxnest . He is a pioneer in the world of podcasting and he tells us what this can mean for small business. Find him also at: RobGreenlee.comNir Kaldero is the Best-Selling Author of: Data Science for Executives: Leveraging Machine Intelligence to Drive Business ROI .  He is also Head of Data Science, Vice President of Galvanize Inc

Jacqueline Ball tells about Sozoe which helps clients with Digital Marketin, Branding & Design, Video & Photography, Web Development, Franchise Development and more.Gregg Lederman Gregg Lederman is an acclaimed speaker, New York Times best-selling author and the President of Employee Engagement for Reward Gateway, a global employee engagement company. He is also the founder of Brand Integrity, a leadership development and employee engagement company. Learn more at: 

Annalisa Parent is an author and writing coach who tells about Laurel Elite Books which schools authors in book writing training and who functions as a traditional hybrid publishing house.Mark Moyer is a business advisor and career coach who has been guiding athletes, executives and entrepreneurs to their fullest potential at . He is also the author of: Win Again!: Turn Athletic Excellence into Business Success

Lee Salz tells us about Sales Architects  helps its clients develop processes to hire the right salespeople, effectively onboard them and align their sales activities with business objectives  He is also a leading author on sought after books on sales and business.Tim Nunziata is the Director & Division Head of Commercial E&O / Cyber Security at Nationwide Insurance. He tells us about recent survey studies on the topic of medium size business concerns on cyber attacks and company budgets that address them.

Gary Lafferty is a best selling author, international speaker and industry icon advisor who helps clients attract more opportunities, more clients and more revenue: Find his inspiring books on: »JoAnna Brandi workshops and coaching that help teams acheive higher performance. She helps leaders, formal and informal, use their power to activate and energize the best in their people. For a free report on building relationships strong: Rhe E-Course on Positive Leadership:

Stacey Esptein is CEO of Zinc - which created an all mode communication platform App with IT admin capabilities, analytics, and enterprise-grade security to allow peers to communicate 1:1 or in groups using Messaging, Voice, Video, Content Sharing, and Push to Talk.Tom Wheelwright is a Tax Free Wealth Advisor who helps with a 'wealthability' with a revolutionary platform of educational tools entrepreneurs and investors to reduce taxes and create wealth.  He talks about his new book Tax Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes 

Diane DiResta is an International Speaker, Executive Presence, Sales Presentations Skills Expert, Executive Speech Coach and Media Trainer who tell us about her company at DiResta CommunicationsSteve Kelley is the President at EdgeWave which delivers accurate email security solutions and a web security gateway for protection. He focuses on focus on leading sales, marketing & engineering, directing global operations and overseeing deployment of resources,

Brendan Heegan is CEO of Boxzooka which brings expertise in ecommerce order fulfillment, retail distribution, and portfolio of cross border ecommerce solutions, provide opportunity for retailers of any size to grow their business, domestically and internationally. Edward Chang  is the Second Vice President in charge of Cyber Risk Management for Travelers Insurance.  He joins us to offer unique insights. 

Emeka Oguh is the Founder and CEO of PeopleJoy helps empower your employees to maximize their financial well-being with financial health coaching, student loan repayment assistance and matched savings plans.David Dye is an author and international keynote speaker who tells us about Let's Grow Leaders which offers practical leadership training and tools for breakthrough results and inspired employee engagement.

Alison Matz and Linda Sawyer conducted years of research and learning about the sponge business and Skura Style was born. Skura, which is Swedish for “scour” and “scrub”, was inspired by the clean, fresh, happy, simple Scandinavian design sensibility.George Scopetta tells us about WeShare MD It is a professional medical clinic presence fully furnished, equipped, & ready for a move in from those looking for sublet medical space, occasional use medical space or doctors office daily rentals,

Shaun Belding is CEO of The Belding Group of Companies which are global leaders in customer experience consulting & customer service training. He is also a leading global expert on customer service, customer experience and service leadership.Farzan Dehmoubed tells us about Lotus Trolley Bag which makes a Set of 4 eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags used to organize, pack and sort your groceries. Featuring an Insulated/Cooled Bag for your frozen goods, designer looks and high quality craft.

Greg Warner is the Founder of Market Smart which helps people build relationships with wealthy, passionate, and philanthropic minded donor prospects.Nadia Finer of is an international speaker, business coach and author of Little Me Big Business

Terry Monroe is a Professional Business Intermediary and Merger & Acquisition Specialist whose market valuations were involved in closing 500+ business transactions and more than $500 million. Jason Does is the Executive Vice President and President of Pitney Bowes SMB Solutions. He is responsible for growing business and accelerating the reinvention of the mailing business globally and helping clients save time and money by taking the complexity out of office mailing and shipping.

Jeanette McClennan created the McClennan Group which conducts the symphony of players needed to create best-in-class digital businesses.Matt Baker is the Vice-President of Strategy, Research, and Communications at FreshBooks Accounting. 

Skyler Madison founded The Creative Writer's Way workshops and coaching out of Los Angeles.  Her Blog Talk Radio program and YouTube channel, also titled 'The Creative Writer's Way,' sends weekly podcasts to an array of listeners.  Likewise, we blog posts reveal her discoveries of how writers can tap their inner potential to create.  This is because there is still a market and an increasing demand for original work and creative writing.  All of this can be found at Ramez Baassiri is one of the leading experts on family business, Raméz A. Baassiri is known for his stories and strategies that are helping business leaders and entrepreneurs find their Mass Transformative Purpose—their “why”—and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. As such, he authored the Best-Selling book: Interrupted Entrepreneurship

Robert Logemann is CEO of Tyden Group, the only global provider of consumable and permanent track and trace solutions - base in Atlanta.Mike Savage tells us about 1-800Accountant .  Mike Savage was honored as one of the Top CEOs in the U.S. SMB category by Glassdoor,

Kenneth Jacobus founded Good Start Packaging which promotes sustainability through the use of compostables as an environmentally sensitive way to use atlternatives to disposable plastic. Reducing disposable plastic use their our key mission as well as helping our clients be more successful.Pete Wilkiams authored: Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth as a parable.  In this story, a business owner and triathlon coach named JJ who left his stable job as a teacher to fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, two years after opening his bike shop, JJ finds himself in a place that is all too familiar to most business owners―struggling to stay afloat

Stuart Vener a leading expert in Real Estate, Finance and of course, Timeshares for which he offers a fast way out of ownership. He tells us about his company. Buy Your Time ShareStuart also tells us about is streaming media & hosting broadcasting network at AMFM247.comChris A. Jones is the author of  Reversione: Reset the Future: and Reversione: Lost in Time: Lost in Time and he tells us about writing and publishing.

Marc W. Garbar of Harassment Law is a litigation attorney who assists, and litigaets on behalf of, executive-level employees in their pursuit of vindication of their employment related claims. He also counsels corporations in the prevention of adverse employment issues, defends corporations against futile claims, assists in the formulation and implementation of employment policies as well as in the preparation of employment handbooks.David Juniper is Director of events. North America at Imago Techmedia Cyber Security. The significance of cyber security of the topic of numerous upcoming events with which he connected. Cyber Security issue we need to know will be presented at: / & 

Thomas Portesy tells us MFV Expositions.  It's global brands generate qualified leads for franchisors, both face-to-face at our premier franchise events and online with our comprehensive franchise directories.  Spencer Borisoff is the author of Work Sucks! A Funny View of a Serious Problem .  The majority of Americans hate work but cannot escape its endless torture.  Borisoff’s tongue is fresh but his unique voice shouts and shares a universal message: Work Sucks!   Find him at:

Brad Deuster authored Leading Strategy as the breakthrough strategy to unleash people, profit and performance.  This is  bold proposal that changes the trajectory of a business and its leadership.  it goes beyond understanding the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams, and guides you through a dynamic process that unveils what is most critical and most enduring about your business. Find him at BradDeutser.comAnn Marie Sabath is the author of What Self Made Millionaires Do: That Most People Don't .  She is the founder of At Ease Inc., the   31-year old New York based business consulting firm. Sabath has given more than 200,000 individuals representing Fortune 500 companies across the globe that added “polish for building their organization's profits.  Find her at:

Jackie Larson is Presient of Avantas which offers a proprietary approach to improving healthcare workforce management that includes; Forecasting & Analytics, Operational Guidance and Scheduling Technology. Forecasting & AnalyticsJennifer Turnage is Co-founder and CEO of My BeeHyve which provides List Management for Network Marketers that is Simple, Streamlined and Focused.

Patrick Knight is the Senior Director of Cyber Strategy and Technology at Veriato which offers Insider Security Threat Detection with advanced behavioral analysis and context-rich user behavior logging.Heather Wagenhals is a Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, and Biology-based Success Architect interviews great minds in productivity and entrepreneurship on her radio program, Unlock Your Wealth

Lou Giacalone, Jr. is COO at Beautiful AI which brings clients a way to build elegant and graphics presentations to get their message acoss effectively.Francis Dinha tells us about the growth of OpenVPN which offers clients private paths to access network resources and services securely with cloud VPN, VPN Service and solutions and a community of support.

Dr. Andrea Simon is a cultural anthropologist, founded Simon Associates Management Consulting (SAMC) in 2002 to bring the unique perspective of anthropology to businesses and to help our clients successfully respond to changing business environments.Martyn Lewis founded Market-Partners in 1995 to offer a new research-based, market-proven approach to revenue generation totally focused upon the Customer Buying Journey. They work with companies to accelerate their revenue growth.

Beth Haddock is CEO and founder of Warburton Advisers which delivers sustainable governance and compliance solutions to leading business organizations.  Find more at: BethHaddock.comDaniel Armanios is the Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering & Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University and he tells the the importance on how you acquire certifications for grants and more.

Elise Keith tells us about Lucid Meetings an online meeting management platform for designing, running, and continuously improving the day-to-day business meetings that power your organization’s success.Mark Willingham tells us about Agent, Inc. which is a rapidly expanding professional modeling platform with more 10,000 registered models in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas. Their expertise helps models gain control over their careers. 

Arthur Carmazzi is helping to develop leaders to transform organizations with his book: Architects of Extraordinary Team Culture as well as his website at: and through the education of: KingsleyKeadership.academyChris Rodgers shares insights from his Search Engine Optimization agency at Colorado SEO Pros which cultivated a highly-trained SEO team that creates custom campaigns for clients.

Lindsay Jurist-Rosner is CEO of Wellthy modern, seamlessly human, and tech powered healthcare assistance for the 66 million unpaid family caregivers in the U.S.Tony Fenton is Vice President Commercial Lines Product and Underwriting - Commercial Auto, Casualty, & New Products at Nationwide Insurance

Jason Green is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal, a Corporate Performance Improvement group in Chicago that formed an effective consulting firm.Dr. Bob Nelson, speaker consultant and author, talks about his new book 1001 Ways to Energize Employees 

Lawrence Pingree is Vice President Of Product Management at SonicWall which provides cloud-delivered unified management, report and analytics for network, endpoint and cloud security.  Lawrence discuss the threat and prevention of hacking and more.The Care for Diabetes.  Points of interest regarding the diabetes with a first hand account.

Andy Fromm founded the Service Management Group which Tech-enabled customer insights to end business blind spots. He also authored The Curiosity Muscle: how four simple questions can uncover powerful insights and exponential growthRobert Staub tells us about Staub Leadership International which customizes their approach by using a holistic framework for understanding leadership, teamwork and organizational effectiveness.

Benjamin Brown is the best-selling author of: Master the Art of Closing the Sale: The Game-Changing 10-Step Sales Process for Getting More Clients and Referrals and he tells us about his company, 360 Sales ConsultingMike Foy is the Senior Director of the Wealth Management Practice at J.D. Power and he joins of for an illuminating interview.

Marion McGovern is a CEO, Entrepreneur and author who can be found at and who recently authored: Thriving in the Gig Economy Naomi Mobed created Le Bon Magot which produces artisan chutneys, condiments, emulsions, pickles, preserves & spice blends inspired by their heritage across Africa, Middle East & South Asia.

Joe Kudla tells us about Vuori Clothing which merges technical sports clothing with a west coast vibe that looks and fits great.Jennifer Crittenden authored What's A Guy To Do? How to Work with Women to help answer questions that men may have in today's changing workplace.

Todd Swickard is the CEO and Fouder of Smart1 Marketing which builds relationship solutions and results for digital partners.Sally Poblete is the CEO and Founder of which offers  modern e-commerce solutions help brokers and insurers that makes finding the right coverage easy.

Sarah Yellin Nunes  is Director and Brand Marketing executive at Vistaprint which everything to market your business.Davida Perry is the co-founding and managing partner of Schwartz Perry & Heller LLP, a boutique law firm focusing on representing individuals in all areas of employment law.

Jeannete McClennan is the author of Innovators Anonymous - a book that offers frank discussions about the ups and downs of digital innovation while keeping pace with disruption.Leyna Topete founded Impromptu Life, LLC which built success with their own lines of cosmetic products with a unique flair. 

Jackie Dryden is the Chief Purpose Architect at Savage Brands which partners with clients to help them thoughtfully craft their purpose.Miron Lulic is Founder and CEO of SuperMoney which helps clients achieve their financial goals with a variety resources.

Gregg Brown at is the author of Ready... Set... Change Again! James Salzman illuminates us on the experience of re-entering the work workforce re-entry through his own journey.

Michael Solomon, Ph.D. is the author of: Marketers, Tear Down These Walls!Mariu Marin shares the innovation Magna Moments which creates unique Greeting Cards with an eBook or a video attached - in only five clicks!

Amy Friedrich is the Principal Financial Group President of United States Insurance Solutions and she talks about their recent survey and current trends.David Hiller is head of small-business banking for SunTrust Bank and he tells of us of their survey and the trends they are looking at in small business.

Danny Nelms is the President of The Work Institute - employee engagement and retention experts, and co-writer of The Why Factor: Winning With Workforce Intelligence, and a highly sought after public speaker.Randy Weir is the author of The Front Range Butcher - another is his series of popular detective novels on the fictional Jarvis Mann, P.I., a witty, sarcastic and tough detective who you want fighting for you. Find more at:

Thomas M. Sullivan is Vice President of the Small Business Policy division of the US Chamber of Commerce and he tells us about the Small Business Index and its latest findings.Emily Wornell is research assistant professor in the Indiana Communities Institute at Ball State University who brings us some pertinent and interesting statistic from their latest studies regarding robotic, automaton and more.

Kate Stackhouse is Director of Sales Strategy at First Citizens Bank and she tells us about a new study her institute just completed.Shirin Behzadi is CEO of Home Franchise Concepts and she leads the executive team to direct all aspects of the company’s operations.

Nick Cromydas is President and CEO of Hunt Club and he shares his insight on what the tightening labor market means for companies looking to hire. Will there be more disruption in the recruiting industry as the country reaches full employment?David Brillembourg, is a seasoned entrepreneur who runs his hospitality company at with focus on hospitality, ventures abd capital.

Diane Schroeder tells us about Book Rhythm which morphed from independent publisher to marketing opportunity leader.Stuart Robertson, president of tells what is happening in the financial world now.

Ken Pasch helps good people becom great leaders with his company: KiVisionsJohn Ulzheimer is a nationally recognized credit expert, author and educator.

Charlie Wondelic at tells us his company helps Organizations large and small trust scientifically validated tests to make informed selection decisions.Will Herman authored the informative book: Startup Playbook that offers a personal how-to guide for building a startup from the ground up.

Jonathan Ende is CEO of SeamlessDocs, a company that empowers governments to go paperless and deliver better online services to citizensand staff.Troy Dye is Vice President, Head of Small Business Card Marketing at Capital One and he shares his 20+ years of marketing experience with us.

Cash Nickerson of tells us about the value and the methods of how to ask and listen rather than just to tell in his book: The Samurai ListenerChad Crowe is a Leadership Partner at Techwood Consulting and he tells us what you need to know about how Google is indexing its search engine to adapt to the new mobile device environment. 

Michael Reitblat is Founder and CEO of Forter which provides fraud prevention that goes beyond transactions and chargeback coverage to protect every stage of the customer lifecycle.Martin Hill is Owner and President of Better Family, Inc. which produces The Beebo as a hands free hand bottle holder infant feeding as it frees up a hand, as seen on Shark Tank.

Chris Collins is CEO at RoboRecruiter which was built for people who hire professionally - by a team of staffing professionals who have achieved recruitment success.Becky Robinson is Founder and CEO of Weaving Influence and Hometown Reads, as well as managing her own digital marketing company. She tells us about book marketing.

Maxine Drake Consulting is in business to help estheticians reach their highest earning potential and dedicated to turning passion into profits MaxineDrake.comTony Drexel Smith is Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Moon Consortium, Inc., a capital readiness and preparedness company at

Mike Brown is the Research Analyst at LendEDUTheir unique website at, is where students and others compare loan refinance rates and save time and money by comparing options. LendEDU creates transparency in these markets and it helps consumers make educated decisions. This comes from the benefit of proper analysis and information. Surveys play a big role in this by giving us useful data for perspectives we would otherwise not obtain. Take, for instance, the pertinent question of: what would many Americans do for a raise? The answers might surprise you.Brad Lehl is the Merger & Acquisitions Manager at Lutz.usLutz offers accounting services, technical services and development, financial planning and services as well as marketing and acquisitions. Brad Lehl (spelled L-E-H-L) has more than 20 years of related experience. His specialty is in marketing and acquisition advisory services, and he emphasizes seller representation from engagement to close. Brad is here to tell us about the importance of: earnings before interest, taxes and amortization. This is better known by its acronym, EBITDA, E-B-I-D-T-A. This is of particular importance to companies thinking of selling or raising capitol.

Alex Marlantes is CEO and Founder of EverlanceEverlance applies today's technology to automate mileage and expense tracking and reporting. They tracks your trips automatically with an easy to use App, so you don't have to. When you go for a drive, their intelligent drive technology detects your trips automatically in the background. One may classify trips with a single swipe on a mobile device. You can generate beautiful reports effortlessly as Excel spreadsheets or PDF documents. Optimizing efficiency means that people, on average, discover more than $6,500 in tax deductions. Alex Marlantes reveals how independent workers and entrepreneurs view and handle annual tax requirements set forth by the Internal Revenue Service.Shawn Spiker is the Sales Manager at & HiTecRCD.comHiTec is an international multiplex for electronic motors, technical gear and devices, software downloads, technical forums, support and more. It is a base for technical products. HiTec is spelled H-I-T-E-C and you can find their websites by searching for H-I-T-E-C. HiTec branched into a new division with HiTec Solutions. This is where pioneers find precise technical tools for their state of the art work. This includes laser equipment for cutting and engraving, electronics for small, medium and high production, and more. Shawn Spiker of HiTec gives us some insights into the success of an industry that helped bring the future to us today, and how it is growing to meet demand. Shawn, we welcome you to Recalculating for Small Business.

Jade Lambert is here with us from King & Spalding to discuss the 'me too' generation and conduct in the workplace.Kathleen Pisano successfully marketed an original product in the form of a beach umbrella that does Not blow away: The No Blo 

Gail Getzwiller twlls of of the Navajo  rug weaving collections at the Nizhoni Ranch GalleryJoey Truscelli brings us Hello Alvin which ensures that every American, regardless of their insurance status, has access to convenient, affordable healthcare.

Dean Irwin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Ra Medical which creates better, safer, faster, and cheaper technologies to improve patient care and lower the costs of healthcareKevin Clark is Vice-President in charge of sales at: Synup, a company that developed a way for you to manage your listings and reputation Online listings, reputation management and local search analytics for businesses of all sizes.

Dan Rayburn is a streaming media expert and consultant, as well as Chairman of  NAB Streaming Summit as noted on DayRaburn.comMichael D'Addio is a principal of the Connecticut office of Marcum LLP which bring tax reform insites for the current business environment and more.

Larry Freed is CEO and Founder of Give And Take Inc. which  helps companies increase Knowledge collaboration, Employee engagement and Business results.Ross Kimbarovsky is Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdSpring - the easiest way to get affordable, high‑quality custom logos, print design, web design & naming for your business. 

Randy Paynter is the Founder and CEO of Care2 which helps many people form petitions for the right things.Robert Harrow tells us about ValuePenguin whose tools provide a clear way of choosing credit cards, insurance plans, loans, and bank accounts.

Nicholas Daniel-Richards is coFounder of ShipHero, the optimized, cloud based WMS choice for businesses large and small.Seam Worthington of authored the book, Beyond Bitcoin: The Economics of Digital Currencies which tells how Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic Order.

Jacqueline Painchaud is the owner of Grampa's Garden Inc., which makes natural therapy products.Andrea Madho is CEO and coFounder of Lab 141 which is the Luxury designer clothes for every body.

Jennifer Fortney is the Principal of Cascade Public Relations, a digital marketing agency in Chicago.Tom Sailors tells us of his company, Mermaid Pillow Company and how he made it a success.

Kenyon Meadows MD is the author of... Alternative Financial Medicine: High Yield Investing in a Low Yield WorldStefano Valenzi ia a physiologist who fathered Gluco Scanner which offers the fiest and only non-invasive blood glucose self monitoring device.

Judah Schiller tells us about Schiller Bikes which produces the world's coolese water bike!Todd Giatrelis is the Founder and CEO of MVS Pet Care which brings their vets to your pets with virtual media.

Tom Sullivan is Vice President of the Small Business Policy division of the US Chamber of CommerceAmy Barone has a new poetry collection, We Became Summer, from New York Quarterly Books. She has won numerous prizes for her inspiring works.

Brian Greenberg authored The Salesman Who Doesn't SellAlbert Zdenek is the author of Master Your Cash Flow 

Don Sheppard  of talks about his forthcoming book The Dividends of DecencyGinalisa Monterroso is the Founder and President of the Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group

Virginie Glaenzer founded SoHo Places which offers a retail technology to provide a quiet place for people to meet, work, and create in New York City.David Hassell tells us which helps you unlock the potential of your entire workforce and makes continuous employee feedback simple to drive high performing cultures.

Dr. Mitchell Kusy is the author of: Why I Don't Work Here Anymore: A Leader’s Guide to Offset the Financial and Emotional Costs of Toxic EmployeesKen Cooper of CooperComm, Inc. tells us about sexual harassment at:

Rebecca Barns-Hogg of is the author of: The YOLO PrincipleTrina Spear is Co-Founder of FIGS wear which produce scrubs that don't suck!  

Hila Shitrit Nissim of VP of Marketing at Slidely, the Visual Content Platform.Robin Hayes is the author of: My Cells Made Me Do It and he joins us to talk about his book.

Peter Scott Human Cusp is the author of: Crisis of Control: How Artificial SuperIntelligences May Destroy or Save the Human Race . Find more at: HumanCusp.comNigel Parker Founder &CEO, RashEndZ Inc.  He Invented REZair™, a line of skin aeration devices for incontinent patients. 

Frank Brunetti has been practicing law for forty years and is with Scarinci / Hollenbeck Attorneys at Law which serves the niche practice areas with offices in New Jersey, New York City, and DC.Dr. Rebel A. Cole is the Kaye Family Endowed Chair of Finance at Florida Atlantic University.  He teaches graduate-level courses in advanced financial management and corporate governance.   Find more at:

Humberto Farias is the CEO of Concepta, Inc. which off you a "dream team" for web & mobile application development.Janet Britcher tells us about Transformation Management which offers a new awareness of leadership choices, thinking and decisions with coaching, CEO roundtables, leadership development and more.

Anne Chow is President of National Business at AT&T and she leads more than 6,500 business professionals.Dave Bookbinder is a Director in the Financial Advisory Services EisnerAmper

Mike Schroeder is president of Roundstone Insurance which can help you change your approach to health care.Joshua Halpern is the Executive Director of Getting to Global a a transformational public/private partnership that helps you sell more.

Hollie Caplan authored Surviing the D**K Clique to help women thrive in a corporate career in a male-dominated world.Hunter Stunzi is Senior Vice-President of LendingTree  which helps you get the best deal possible on your loans.

Hyder Rabbani the Chief Operating Officer, Board Director, Investor who comes to tell about: CyberSight Dan Baird is Strategic Advisor, Marketing Consultant and Founder at: Crack the Crowd 

Laurie Pickard is the founder of No-Pay MBA with facilitates business education with massive open online courses! Eyal Lifshitz is the founder of BlueVine that reveals fast funding for your business with no paperwork.

Barry Kaplan shares with us how he and Jeffrey Manchester authored. The Power of Vulnerability Ali Craig helps entrepenuers bring their branding and outreach to fruition at: Entreventure 

Stephen Woessner on his book, Profitable Podcasting, and Predictive ROI Mike Provance on 3x3 Insights and business data analytics.

Jeff King is the Software Product Manager at Greatland Corporation with tips on tax preparation: Yearli.comCathy Littlefield Associate Professor and Faculty Chair Peirce College who tells us about balance between professional and personal life. 

James Sudakow, author, consultant, speaker at Kyle Davidson is Founder and CEO of Sourced Adventuress for clients who escape the city.

Tom Wheelwright is Founder and CEO of ProVision - Wealth Strategists and tells us about Tax Free Wealth Advisor Gabrielle Vena at offers Services, Classes and Possibilities for her clients who seek to change their outcomes. 

Jack Skeen is the author of: The Circle Blueprint: Decoding the Conscious and Unconsicousness Factors that Determine Your Success Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella offer a business forecast for the coming year, 2018.

Brandi Britton is District President for OfficeTeam which is the world’s largest specialized staffing firm for administrative professionalsDr. Mark Davey is CEO and Co-founder at Confitex which makes functional incontinence underwear designed for confidence.

Keith Hall is President and Chief Executive Officer at The National Association for the Self Employed NASE Tom Wheelwright is Founder and CEO of ProVision - Wealth Strategists and tells us about Tax Free Wealth Advisor

Ryan Wuerch is Founder and CEO of that shows how to do cash back automagically.Laura MacLeod is Creator of the From the Inside Out Project which shows you how to change from Boss to Leader.

Curtis Sparrer is the Pricipal at Bospar which turns on its own PR power to do the heavy lifting you need to achieve iconic success.Kurt Long is the CEO and Founder of FairWarning which helps with patient privacy intelligence, managed privacy services and cloud security.

Tom Wheelwright is an Author (Tax-Free Wealth), Speaker, CPA and CEO of ProVision Wealth who runs Tax Free Wealth Advisor Sondra Mansfield created a unique busiess with markable & earable Chalkboard T-Shirts: Chalk of the Town

Othamar Gama Filho tells us how Talentify meets recruiting technology needs with truly innovative solutions. Ellen Feeney tells us how ADP is helping businesses with insurance management during this transitional time of the ACA act and current legistlation.  

Justin Jones is author the book - Naked Sales: How Design Thinking Reveals Customer Motives and Drives RevenueAnita Bowness is the Global Practice Leader of Saba Software

Stephanie Cegielski is Vice-President and in charge of Public Relations at the International Council of Shopping CentersGreg Lisiewski is the founder and CEO of: BlisPay

Seth Green is the author of: Market Domination for Podcasting: Secrets From the World's Top Podcasters Chris Meyer is CEO of Magilla Loans

Catt Fields White is the CEO at San Diego Markets, Farmers'​ Market Developer and Manager, Entrepreneurship Educator, Food Activist and Writer who tells us about In Tents ConferenceKaren Johnston is the Technical Commercial Consultant and does Staff Underwriting at Nationwide Insurance

Bulent-Osman is Founder & CEO at StaffConnect Group Dr. Jesse Calloway author & Certified Executive Coach tells us about Leadership & Motivation Consultants, LLC

Chris Middleton tells us about PetsBest which offers pet insurance and routine care coverage.Craig Everett tells us abuot Private Capital Markets and Pepperdine School of Business.

Michael Stahl is EVP, Direct to Consumer & Chief Marketing Officer at: HealthMarkets.comNeel Grover is Founder and CEO of which offers a new way to engage with the products you love.

Erno Tauriainen is CEO & Founder of SpentMoney which allows you to earn cash back and organize with simple business and personal money management. Denise Dudley of tells us about her book: Work It!

Ray Levitre is the Certified Financial Planner and Founder of the Net Worth Advisory Group Maggie Schlarb offers classes, seminars and more to help other plan adventures of various kinds at

Brian Karimzad tells us about Lending Tree and Alan Cohen is Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Willis Tower Watson

Stacey Hanke is the author of Influence Redefined Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday Karen R. Sharkey is the National Business Owner Strategy Executive at U.S. Trust

JoAnn Tilghman is President/Owner at Granny Jo Products Tom Stewart is Executive Director at National Center for the Middle Market

Jerry Mills is CEO of B2B CFO with serves owners of privately-held companies with transition services, advanced services and basic CFO services.Alex Dastmalchi is CEO of which owns and operates a portfolio of lifestyle, beauty, and health brands with products that consider the customer first.

Rob Arnold tells you what you need to know in his book: Cybersecurity: A Business SolutionTom Hammond Executive is Vice President of Bolt Solutions which believes to have a solution for the ways small businesses go about obtaining insurance.

Chris Powell is CEO of TalMetrix which helps you capture, discover and improve employees relations and performance.Johathan Groff made a family business success of Stroopies authentic Dutch stroopwafels. 

Marshall Williams is partner and CEO at: Ad Results MediaBob Roohparvar tells us about Batteroo which shows how to extend battery life. 

Meg Barnhart is co-creator of The Zen of Slow Cooking and she tells her success story. Don Shulsinger is VP Sales and Marketing at Blink Home Security .

Isaac Kohen is CEO and head of Product at Teramind  which identifies Insider Risk Management, writes Automated Behavior Rules, implements Employee Session Recording and more. It was awarded by TopTenAwards in 2017.Chris Francis is Vice-President and in Market Development at  WordPay which helps businesses clean up online their online presence, add social and community good into their business model, provides easy to use apps and tools for small business and more. ;

Daniel Weinbach tells us how they found success after purchasing The Cat's Pajamas .Bob Bethel, business advisor for more than 50 years, tells us how businesses succeed in his book, Strengthen Your Business: Fail-Proof Strategies from the Man Who Has Rescued 77 Businesses .  You can find more at:

Teodoro Armenteros is co-Founder of Kimera Koffee which helps increase focus, power, output and cognition with all natural brain vitamins.Bob Johansen from the Institute for the Future is a futurist who has been making telling forecasts for decades. 

Todd Graeve is CEO of Scooter's Coffee which has its own style of fast & friendly customer service that works.Shannon Miles is Founder and CEO of Belay Solutions whose mission is to equip clients with the confidence to climb higher.

Geoff Zentz joins us from Sunglass Warehouse with a new unique customer relations method.Jack Schacht is co-founder of My College Planning Team. 

Eddie Yoon is founder of Eddie Would Grow and author of Superconsumers: A Simple, Speedy, and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth .Jason Vandeboom is Founder & CEO of ActiveCampaign which offers Marketing automation that listens and learns.

Rohit Arora is CEO and Co-Founder of Biz2Credit which is a leading online marketplace for small business funding.Socrates Rosenfeld is CEO & Co-founder at Jane Technologies, Inc. which offer a user oriented experience for marijuana dispensaries.

Christina Crawford tells us how she created her ground up business, Bubble Pop Beauty, and her original approach to finding success.Tim Stanley is CEO / Co-Founder of Carepoynt which connects, aligns and developed a reward point system approach to health care engagement.

Michael Patterson does Security Analytics and Network Incident Response for Plixer Kendrick Mercer is author of Whole Self which compares the sometimes-onerous impacts of abstract thinking on our psyches with the natural intelligence of our instinctual being. 

Laura Cole is of Vice-President of Marketing for Vivial Online Marketing.  She brings up to date information on what we need to know.Caroline Brukner is the Executive in Residence in the Department of Accounting and Taxation at Kogod School of Business

Paul Ketchel is CEO at MD Save, Inc. and he tells us how we can search for health care. Mark Litpon is author of Mean Men: the Perversion of America's Self Made Man.   Learn about the traits of top acheivers. 

Jason McCrea tells us of is ground up business of McCrea's Candies and how it became a succcess. PJ Boatright has a long history in journalism and he tells us of the his career transitions and working at Edward Jones Investing.

David Womack is President & CEO of Practice Management Institute.Barbara Marder is the Senior Partner and Digital Tools Leader of Mercer.

Brent Messenger is Global Head of Community at, the familiar, heavily used connection source for professional tasks.Suneera Madhani is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fatt Merchant which offers Payment Processing Solutions For Your Business Needs.

Brian Michaud, Senior Vice President of Client Service, ADP TotalSource and he brings us his story.James Rosseau tell us about the innovative offerings of LegalShield which provide useful services and information to clients. 

Michael Haith is Chairman & CEO of the Teriyaki Madness Franchise.  Hear his story.John Asher of is an accalimed speaker and author of: Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method 

Russell Bellanca tells us about the restaurant and food product success of Alfredo Products.Jonathan Pellegrin authored The Art of Selling the Family Business: Responsible Stewardship of Family Wealth which is based on his own business success.

Stuart Robertson, president of tell about options and opportunities that many of us do not know.Kate Newlin of Kate Newlin Consulting undertands our pursuit of margin through meaning and she help us find it as consumers.

Ray Faiola tells us how Chelsea Rialto Studios made a business restoring old greats in film and sound tracks.Dan Wise launched a new business at Real Eats that delivers chef prepared meals in easy to prepare packing. 

Dr. Chris Cates developed The Wine RayZyn with provide a very health, non-alcholic food from wine.Thomas Purifoy, Jr. enlightens us on Compass Cinema and Christian film it produced. 

Vernon Tirey is CEO at LeaseQ, an instat equipment financing provider.Steve Murphy is of President of Franchising at Winmark Corporation, a nationally renowned franchising and leasing business.

Stuart Vener is a radio & media syndication master at whose success in syndicated shows tells us about the world of information and entertainment today. Ruthi Postow Birch is the auther of: How to Build a Piano Bench: Lessons for Success from a Red-Dirt Road in Alabama.  She writes from her experience which she share with us.

Brock Blake is the founder and CEO of Lendio and he speaks to us about non-bank lending institutions and more.Shannon Rose is the Publicist for Electric Media PR which  provides their clients with public relations and website administration.

Harold Montgomery is Chairman and CEO of which offer Point of Sale purchase capability on mobile devices across India.>Justin Hartzman is CEO of which is the Internet's first RoboAgency that allows you to automatically create, target and optimize your ads.

Dan Blatt is the founder of Future Casts which has a long and impressive track record of forecasting the economy.Barb Moran Goodrich is co-founder of Moran Family of Brands develops franchise opportunities in the automotive industry. She supports the  

Steve Blue, author and lecturer on business management and founder of . Evan Polin, President of the Training Resource Group talks about Sandler Training.

Jaquelin Breslin tells us about Trinet which focuses on the balance of powerful technology and human resource administration.Rob Wager, founder of Business Loan Leads which shows Business Lenders how to get more leads, close more loans, and increase profit.

Njord Rota is the founder of Majestic Heli Ski which takes skiers by helicopter to the majestic mountains of Alaska, where pristine powder and seemingly unlimited terrain.Robert Hankinson of Outdoor Equipped tells us how their business model outdoors equipment and clothing for men, women and children.

Doug Griffiths tells us about 13 Ways, Inc. that helps build strong communities that communicate by building leadership, attitudes, and ideas.Davd Hopson is a managing partner at Triumphus.  A company that offers IT consulting services from startup through exponential growth to IPO.

Joe Gonzolez is the Social Media Manager & SEO Specialist at Muscle Egg, which produces world's first flavored egg white protein drink!Dr. William Schiemann is an author, keynote speaker, CEO of Metrus Group, Inc.  He elaborates on the gap between espoused values and those in practice by corporations.

Christopher P. Mulligan is Founder & CEO of Talent Keepers, a firm with a passion for helping clients engage, develop, and retain that talent.Dr. Jody Foster is author of the book, The Schmuck in My Office, a timely must-read for managers and anyone who has ever had to deal with a difficult coworker. 

Andi Simon principal and founder of Simon Associates which helps our clients successfully respond to changing business environments. She is also author of the award winning book: On The Brink which educates businesses on innovation.Rick Del Sontro from Zippy Shell moving and storage which expanded in these services by providing them in a unique way.

Jennifer Holland tells us how she marketed her invention, Throat Scope, which allows parents to safely and easily inspect their children.David Zimmerman brings the story of his company, LC Technology, and how he made it a success in the tech world.Ed March is and import and export advisor to American Express.  His insights are of value to all small businesses. 

Jessica Rosen is co-founder of Raw Generation which offers freshly frozen, nutritious fruit juices and smoothies that they market directly on the Internet.Adam Robison is CEO and Chief Hireologist at Hireology which helps businesses source, select & verify candidates with a proven hiring process.

Emily Brackstone tells us about Baker Donelson, a 125 year old law firm with more than 800 attorneys.John L. Gainer, Ph.D is co-founder of Diffusion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. which works on standard-of-care therapies for life-threatening treatment-resistant solid cancerous tumors.

Philippe Weiss is the Managing Director of Seyfarth Shaw ,company that delivers legal services more effectively, more efficiently, more transparently.Al Dorso own several business including a the Sussex County Miners, a minor league baseball team.  He tells us how he built his success. 

Amit Mathradas, head of small business in North America for PayPal.Cornelia Gamlem is one of the authors of The Big Book of HR and how their wonderful book can help.

Kenneth Lehrer founded Lehrer Financial and Economic Advisory Service which provides concise, detailed and strongly articulated situational analysis with a high degree of precision and service.Jim Lee is Delaware's only professional futurist who who founded StatFi. He gives presentations on social trends, emerging technologies, and investment strategy and responds to requests for media interviews.

Suzzane Clark from the US Chamber of Commerce and James Reid from MetLlife bring us their economice forcast for the nation.Tom Alexander tells us about PK4 Media, a company that empowers brands to reach relevant users through digital advertising with a true omni-channel reach.Christine Lucas, Vice-President and Commercial Product Manager of Erie Insurance, and how it prospered covering auto, home, life and business insurance for clients. 

John Oechsle serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of SwiftPage fuels small business growth by providing technology solutions that unlock the power of everyday interactions.Matthew Olivieri tells of the innovative syndicated billboard methods made affordable by AdSemble.

Bryce Hoffman tells us about his book Red Teaming and how good systems can cut through personal politics to get good plans into action.Carl Mazzanti on his company, eMazzanti Technologies, helps small-to medium-sized enterprises use and optimize technology to reach specific business goals.

Craig Vanderberg explains how Trion Solutions is one of America’s leading providers of value-added human resources services.Gene Urcan of Commerce Street Capital tells how they identify market opportunities and provide investment alternatives in order to achieve results.

Laurent Therival is Senior Vice President, Small Business Solutions, AT&T offers five tips on growing even the smallest businessMonica Eaton-Cardone is cofounder and COO of Chargebacks 911 wihich help business facilitate the problem chargebacks in an effective manner.Harry Jenkins (CEO &  Eliot James (CIO) of EJ Gift Cards that helps people some cash from unwanted gift cards!

Ben Fleischer is founder of Pyure Brands which makes sweetener with an organic, plant-based, zero-calorie sugar substitute made using organic stevia.Karin Roest is a Celebrity Talent Scout, Global Producer, Thought Leadership Strategist, and former Buddhist nun.  She created Meditation & Margaritas which redefines the true meaning of Solitude, Freedom, and Love. 

Tom Johnson on Set Aside Alert, a federal government contract information service, focused on small businesses, minority-owned and women-owned businesses, veteran and, SDV-owned businesses, SBA 8(a)-certified companies and HUBzone businesses.Mike Hoefflinger tells us about his new book, Becoming Facebook, about who actually molded this great idea into a game-changing $300 billion company and how the experience was far more tumultuous and uncertain than we might expect.

Lourdes Martin Rosa founded Government Business Solutions which provides services from program management solutions to supporting Government and Commercial clients project performance and improving return on investments.Kenneth W. Gronbach is president of KGC Direct, LLC author of the book Upside: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead.  As a demographer he tells us how he makes accurate forcasts based on demographic statistics.

John Christly is Global CISO of Netsurion, a provider of managed security services for multi-location businesses.Daniel Alarik s the owner of Grunt Style veteran owned and operated clothing company in Chicago, which specializes in patriotic and military lifestyle apparel.

Daniel Galle of Nolah Matress tells how his business broke into the mattress market with an innovative and unique design for mattress that appeals to users because of its benfits.Gary Malloy of Money Mailer explains how direct mail is one of the most powerful and cost effective methods for local business owners to reach out to consumers to increase traffic, revenue and loyalty.

Eyal  Lifshitz, CEO of BlueVine, tells us about a different way for businesses to acquire a line of credit and find innovative ways for invoice factoring.Mark Pfister, Chairman and CEO of Integral Board Group, LLC. tells how they help businesses with board of advisors services, netwoking, speaking courses and more.

Kathy Kolbe founded the Kolbe Corp as the sole source provider of assessments identifying the natural way that people take action in business, in life and with their children.Randy Redberg of Experts Exchange by receiving assistance from experts, earning money by helping others and learning new skills.

Robert Glazer is the founder and managing director of Acceleration Partners which offers brand-focused, affiliate marketing and more.  Other services include, paid social, paid serach, display & retargeting, SEO, and digital strategy. Robert is a serial entrepener and an online customer acquisition specialist who serves as an adivsor to many growth oriented companies.  He explains the workings of affilate marketing vs. performance marketing and more.James H. Lee is a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Chartered Market Technician.  Jim has gained media attention as Delaware's only professional futurist.  Jim Lee has been quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Planning, and Medical Economics.  He has written for the AARP, the Journal of Futures Studies, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, and The Futurist.  Jim is the author of the book Resilience and the Future of Everyday Life which is available at  You can find out more about Jim Lee via his website at: Robert Glazer::..on Recalculating Radio Affiliate Marketing ..:: James H. Lee ::..on Recalculating Radio Economic Futurism 

Amanda Schneider from Nosey Dogs Detection tell how her crew of highly trained dogs are available for hire by private citizensto detect the presence of drugs in the home, workplace or elsewhereJen Cohen Crompton is a super organizer who help people simplify how they do business with her company at

Bob Heyman from Digital Engagement Group is a true pioneer from the early day of website building, Internet presence and Search Engine Optimization.  He share is story and insights on being on the Web today.Luke Schneider tells us about Fireman Department Coffee which is one of the best coffees around.  It is firefighter owned, operated, roasted and delivered for the working class.  This is why portions of every sale goes back to military and firefighter charities.

Mitzi L. Hill who is a partner at Taylor English Duma in  Atlanta where she has works on evolving technology issues, largely with a focus on how new technologies affect consumers, commercial intellectual property strategy and commercial compliance.Kyle Kensing from Career Cast joins us to talk about the "Gig Economy."

Rex Conner from the Mager Consortium discusses common sense in the workplace and his book: What if Common Sense was Common Practice In Business? Jill Griffin from Money Management International tells us how this business helps clients understand how to put their money to work in a constructive manner. 

Greg Powell, Head of Product Marketing at Fundbox to talk about a study her company has done.Bill Ho from Biscom, a company with digital sharing and solutions designed to keep business moving.

Brian Ashcraft, Director of Compliance at Liberty Tax Service, one of the fastest-growing tax preparation franchises, we’re asking him to provide insights on allowable deductions and best practices for self-employed individuals that are filing taxes this year.Tom Hammond, Executive Vice President of Bolt Solutions which believes to have a solution for the ways small businesses go about obtaining insurance.

Paul Ketchel, founder of MDSave which helps small businesses and individuals navigate the healthcare environment.Mika Yamamoto, Chief Marketing Officer SAP, a company which offers a single platform for transactions and analytics in the digital world.

Mathew Horn from Legal Services Link, a company that solves.have a legal problems and helps you find a lawyer. Keith Hall who is president of the National Association of the Self Employed

Greg Lisiweski informs us of and how an innovative third party payment company can offer advantages to sellers and incentive to consumers.  Bisom has found a way to be competitive against the giants.Listen in as he speaks with your hosts Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella to tell how this business is growing.

Hosts, Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella address current issues of the week in politics and economics to bring you in depth understanding of events that can help you small business grow.  March 2, 2017.Special Guest is Will Wesch, Director of Admissions at Novus Medical Detox Center, a Joint Commission Accredited inpatient medical detox facility that is also licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families and known for minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal from prescription medication, drugs or alcohol.

Recalculating debut radio show, March 2nd, 2017.Hosts, Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella address current issues of the week in politics and economics to bring you in depth understanding of events that can help you small business grow.Special guest is Pamela Webber, chief marketing officer of 99 Designs which is a fast rising company  with a wonderful services to small businesses. Listen on iHeart Radio »