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RECALCULATING, 97+ Experts On Driving Small Business Growth, a best-selling book for small business leaders is now an exciting new radios show.  Airing twice a week the show is aimed at helping grow small business in America. Two of America’s best-known commentators and small business experts, Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella will host.

Heard every Tuesday at 10am EASTERN time across the nation and another hour starting Friday at 12pm EASTERN time on iHeart Radio as well as the internet at http://amfm247.com. Rebroadcast of the shows will be on Roku TV.

Dan Perkins, Don Mazzella are also heard live each weekend on these stations nationwide.

The show will air live on the following radio stations:

Radio Markets 

Las Vegas, NV*              AM 1520 FM 99.5
Milwaukee, WI*             FM 90.3
Pittsburgh, PA                FM 94.7
Tampa, FL*                    AM 1630 FM 92.1
Lancaster, PA               AM 1640 FM 102.1
Boulder, CO                  FM 96.3
Long Beach, CA*          FM 101.5
Macon, GA                    AM 810
The Villiages, FL          FM 97.7

Its content and guests are drawn from the large, rich talent pool of contributors to the book and the most acclaimed podcast guests.  In its expanded new media, a wider net of experts and entrepreneurs will provide exclusive actionable information audiences can use to add profits right away. RECALCULATING” will be in the forefront of the blossoming environment serving millions of small businesses.

Hosts: Dan Perkins and Don Mazzella are nationally known commentators and experts in their own right, who are heard each month on numerous radio and television outlets across the nation. After a year of testing and research, they are combining their talents and expertise into a new multi-media network offering that expands on the book and long-running Small Business Digest podcast.


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Book Sections Include


The Rise Of Nontraditional Banking And The Benefit To Small Businesses

By Michael Purcell, Co-founder, Global Cash Card, Inc.

A Chance For Growth – Microfinancing For Small Businesses

By Eric Weaver, CEO and Founder, Opportunity Fund

The “Do” Of Due Diligence

By Dr. Kenneth E. Lehrer, Economist

Pay Yourself, It’s A Long Way Before The Business Does

By Dan Perkins, Radio Personality and Author

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Early Profit Spending

By Danielle Tate, CEO, MissNowMrs.com

Securing Start-up Financing For Private Practices

By Anne Barnhart and Jim Holland, Vice Presidents, First National Denver

Increasing Access To Capital: Combining Business Loans With 401(k) Rollovers

By David Nilssen, CEO and Co-Founder, Guidant Financial

Buying Vs. Leasing: The Best Way To Get The Equipment You Need

By Stephen Sheinbaum, Founder, Bizfi

Gain Cash Flow Confidence For Maximum Success

By Marc Scheipe, President, Sage North America

Why Community Banks Remain The Top Source Of Financing

By Terry J. Jorde, Senior Executive Vice President, Independent Community Bankers of America

Technological Tips On Managing And Controlling Business And Employee Expenses

By Toffer Grant, CEO and Founder, PEX

Putting Equipment Finance To Work For Small Businesses

By Ralph Petta, President and CEO, The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association

How ESOPs Can Help Grow Your Business

By Upendra Chivukula and Veny W. Musum, Co-authors, THE 3rd WAY: Economic Reform or Social Revolution

3 Things SBOs Don’t Ask Their Accountants but Should

By Sabrina Parsons, CEO, Palo Alto Software,

Grow Your Business: How To Organize, Automate, And Learn From Your Finances

By John Shapiro, Director Product Management for Payments, Intuit

Human Capital

9 Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

By Benoy Tamang, CEO, eFileCabinet

Overtime Time! The Final Rule is Here – Are You Ready?

By Jill Kirila, Partner, Squires Patton Boggs

How PEOs Help Small And Medium-Sized Companies Compete In The Workplace

By Tom Gearty, Insperity

5 Tips For Reducing Stress At Work

By Celine Vignal, Co-founder, Zenytime

Your Employees Are Your Secret Weapon

By Steven D. Goldstein, Financial Executive and Author

Unconscious Bias Impacts Hiring, Marketing And Customer Service

By Rosalie Chamberlain, Executive Coach and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

How To Hire The Right Millennial

By to Jim Bell, Sr., Founder, Abel HR

Let’s Take The Mystery Out Of Managing Millennials

By Evan Hackel, CEO, Tortal Training and Ingage Consulting

Bringing One's Wholeself To Work Engages Employees

By Kristin MacMillan, President, Imprint Plus

A CEO’s Agenda: What You Must Know About Culture

By Jim Hemmer, CEO, WorkStride

How Team Building Can Improve Communication In Virtual Workspaces

By Dan Colgan, Founder, Rock Paper Team

How Small Businesses Can Overcome The Skills Gap

By Pete Jansons, Vice President, CareerBuilder’s Small Business Division

The 7 Steps of Evaluating Healthcare Costs

By John Orlando, CFO, Centage Corporation

If You Think Obamacare Doesn’t Apply to Your Small Business, You’re Dead Wrong

By Dr. David Berg, Co-founder, Redirect Health

Employment And Marijuana Laws

By Danielle S. Urban, Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP

3 Ways Small Business Owners Can Prepare For Impact Of New Overtime Regulations

By John Swanciger, CEO, Manta

Small businesses Hold The Key To A Happy Workforce

By Matthew Owenby, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Aflac

Operation and Technology

Four Things Small Businesses Should Store In The Cloud – And A Few Things They Shouldn’t

By Donna Marks, CEO, Windfall Inc.

Mobility Is Not Just "Enterprise"

By Henning Volkmer, President & CEO, Cortado Mobile Solutions Inc.

How Small Businesses Can Use, Or Learn To Apply Mobile Technology

By Rafael Solis, COO, Braidio

New Technology Means New Risks: What Small Businesses Need To Know About Cloud Computing

By Christie Lucas, Vice President, Erie Insurance

Liberate Cloud Computing From Cloud Computing Vendors – And Free Your Small Business To Use Technology To Actually Grow

By Adam Stern, Founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual

Seven Way Small Businesses Can Reduce Overhead And Save Revenue

By Peggy Moore, Vice President, CORT

Five Tips For Leasing The Perfect Office Space

By Jim Simpson, CEO and Co-Founder, Crelow.com

Protecting A Small Business Against A Natural Disaster Guards Its Reputation

By Patrick Wiley, CEO, Aldridge

A Captivating Solution For Managing Risk

By Mike Ferguson, President & CEO, Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

Rethinking Red Tape: Elevating The Small-Business Voice In The Regulatory Process

By Karen Kerrigan, President, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

How Small Businesses Can Speed Up Patent Examination

By Eric L. Amundsen and Jennifer J. Wang

How IP Video Delivers Big Benefits For Small Business

By Larry Chay, Small Business Program Manager, Axis Communications

Small Businesses As Vulnerable To Security Breaches As Larger Firms

By Bill Ho, CEO, Biscom

How Small Businesses Can Keep Safe From Cyber Attacks

By Scott Schober, CEO, Berkley Varitronics Systems

Managing and Protecting Essential Data – Five Tips

By David Zimmerman, CEO, LC Technology International

Small Business Owners Can Overcome Data Anxiety In Five Easy Steps

By Andrew Lenardon, Global Director, Shred-it

Why Small Businesses Should Pay More Attention To Printer Security

By Michael Howard, Chief Security Advisor, HP

Is The Customer Always Right? Protecting The Company

By Rob Bodner, Co-founder, The Laundromat Guys

Dealing With Employee Theft

By Jay M. Levy, Attorney

Marketing and Sales

11 Tips For Effective Lead Generation

By Carol Bunevice, Sales Consultant, Fusemachines

CRM Solutions For Small Businesses: Why It Matters

By Christine Rainwater, Professor, DeVry University

The Technology Your Small Business Needs To Close More Sales

By JP Werlin, CEO & Co-Founder, PipelineDeals

Unique Shopping Touchpoints Mean Extra Profits

By Melissa Gonzalez, CEO & Founder, The Lion’esque Group

The Three Secrets To Savvy Sales

By Tom Cates, CEO and Chief Storyteller, salesEQUITY

13 Easy Things Small Businesses Can Do to Boost Sales

By Matt Greener, App Data Room

How Focused Branding Stimulates Sales

By Laurie Pillings Rinker, Principal, Brand Marketing Services

Vice Is The New Target Of B2B Selling

By David Parker, Chief Strategy Officer, Skye Q Management

Protecting Your Emerging Brand 

By Eric Riess, Partner with Lathrop & Gage

Maintaining Reputation Management Critical To Marketing Success

By Dale Myers, Head Writer, the NALA

How To Handle Negative Yelp Reviews

By Darius Fisher, Co-Founder & President, Status Labs

A Practical Guide To Embracing Digital Media For Growth

By Allison Checchi, Chief Marketing Officer, YP

Digital Marketing Is NOT A DIY Project

By Jennie Gilbert, COO, Retailer Web Services

Small Business Mobile Marketing: 5 Things To Know

By Laura Cole, Vice-President Marketing, The Berry Corporation

Internet Radio As A Media Rich Social Network For Your Website

By K. David Katzmire, Head, TheWebElves.com

Customer Focus, Curiosity, Good Employees Keys To Success For Small Businesses

By John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and Pepsi, and Author of Moonshot

The Importance Of Being Distinctive

By Stuart Cross, Consultant and Author

Your Business Card Should Be An Effective Marketing Tool

By Debbie Allen, Author

Breaking Down Logo Design Into Five Steps

By Kate Beihl, CMO, ProofMe

Beyond The .COM! New Domain Names Are Perfect For SMBs And Startups

By Bill Glenn, VP Marketing, Rightside

Creating A Company Website Is Critical To Success

By Tania Rojas, Head Global E-Commerce, GoDaddy

4 Tips For Creating A Successful e-Commerce Website

By Nikole Haiar, Director of Marketing, Hostway Services

Effective SEO Rules For Small Business Leaders

By Bob Heyman, CEO, Kidzter.com,

Guide To Getting Online: Four E-commerce Tips For Any SMB

By Bruce Dragt, SVP of Global eCommerce, First Data


Considerations: The Journey From Successful Small Business To Franchise Model

By Dr. Jason Helfrich, CEO, 100% Chiropractor

Legal Issues Affecting Small Business

By Chas Rampenthal, General Counsel, LegalZoom

4 Decisions That Get Businesses Stuck And How To Avoid Them

By Kenyon Blunt, Entrepreneur and Author

Small Businesses Must Take Advantage Of Global Opportunities

By Stephen Creskoff, International Trade Consultant and Lawyer

Strategic Partnerships As Smart Growth Scenarios

By Dan Neuberger, President, WageWorks

Creating Partnerships & New Opportunities With Your Adversaries

By Jennifer Polovetsky, esq.

Punch Above Your Weight

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan, behavioral researchers

Putting Heart Into Business Leadership Leads To Greater Growth Success

By W. Theodore ''Theo'' Etzel III, CEO, Conditioned Air

6 Things Every Woman Needs To Succeed In Business 

By Jenn Scalia, CEO, Million Dollar Mommy

The Secret To Small Business Success: Provide A Solution To A Problem

By Rico Elmore, Founder and CEO, Fatheadz

How Small Businesses Can Leverage Customer Experience Tools To Stand Out From The Competition

By Scott Moore, Global SVP Marketing, Mood Media

How Focus Can Move A Business Forward

By Mike Kotsis, CEO, GPS For Small Business

Small Business Optimization Tips

By H. Jon Oechsle, CEO, Swiftpage

Open the Strategic Pipeline to Growth

By Ed McLaughlin, Founder & CEO, Blue Sunsets LLC

The Forgotten Points Of Growing A Small Business

By Cleveland Brown, CEO, Payscout

Strategies For Driving Growth In A Small Business

By Greg Waldorf, CEO, Invoice2go

Identifying Viable Strategies For Growth

By Kate Newlin, President, Kate Newlin Consulting

Identifying Viable Strategies For Growth

By Kate Newlin, President, Kate Newlin Consulting

The Battle Of Average – How To Win In Growing Your Business

By Bob Vanderhoff, President & CEO of 35 Consulting

The P.O.M. Principle: 3 Things A Business Must Have To Succeed

By Alyson Dutch, Author of the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs

Growth Means Turning An Entrepreneur Into A CEO

By Michael Gansi. Successful Business Leader, Consultant

The New Entrepreneurs Of The Sharing Economy

By Katie Vlietstra and Caroline Bruckner, NASE

The Four Hats Of An Entreprenuer

By Scott Koepf, Senior Vice President of Sales, Avoya Travel

The Final Phases Of A Business Plan

By Rosemary Martinelli, Consultant and Teacher

Do You Have a Purpose or Do You Just Sell Stuff

By Tasha Mayberry, Creator of the Noble Purpose Institute

Small Business Success Characteristics From A Great Entrepreneur

JD Powers

5 Tips For Starting A Small Business From Scratch

By Hunter Hoffman, Head of U.S. Communication, Hiscox

Keys to Success: People, Process, Product

By Marcus Lemonis, Successful Entrepreneur and Television Star