2017 Small Business Content Rate Card

SBCN Small Business Content Network Data Card

 (March 2017)

The Small Business Content Network (SBCN) is a vertical content network targeting small business leaders through coordinated media channels including radio, online newsletters, books and web sites. It is anchored by proprietary information, research, guest interviews, and mobile offerings providing small to medium business leaders with essential business growth articles, resources and tools. Consistently, reader surveys and responses demonstrate 57% of all visitors, listeners are presidents and/or owners of small business under 150 employees.

Based on nine years of subscriber studies and analysis of respondents to surveys and titles within the database, the combine list has the following characteristics:

  • 57% are owner/presidents
  • 81% have responsibility for purchasing above $100,000
  • Average yearly sales are $3.6 million
  • Average employee size is 26.5
  • Average computer per employee is 1.1
  • 47% said they were investigating social media in 2017
  • 41% upgraded their website in 2016
  • 21% seek government contracts
  • 24% said they expect to make major IT purchases in next 12 months
  • 16% said they used an ISI newsletter to gather information for purchases in the last 12 months
  • 14% bought new marketing services in 2016
  • 18% expect to increase IT purchases in 2017

SBCN Properties


In database*

Small Business Digest



My Business Chronicle



Small Business Digest Magazine



Recalculating (generated interest)



Managing Small Business




* Guaranteed distribution.

Ad rate for the ezine Small Business Digest Mag is $2,000 net per full page with a guarantee of 100,000 circulation.
Ad space on the websites and newsletters are at a flat rate with a guaranteed delivery total. For newsletter advertising, a report on opens will be provided but Information Strategies, Inc. makes no assertion as to opens and other data beyond guarantee of delivery. For that reason it has reduced its rental and transmission rates to just $18 CPM net. Each monthly newsletter purchase receives one month leaderboard rotational presence one small business websites at no additional cost. There is a flat monthly rate of $500 net per ad for all leaderboard ads purchased separately which is put in rotation on all small business sites. Rates are net to advertiser.
Recalculating Radio available in nine major markets. Two hour-long programs each week with 30-, 60-, 90- second ad availability.  Base rate is $100 per 30-second spot. Volume discounts are available. Special sponsor opportunities for department offerings including those on finance, marketing, Human Resources, and IT are also available. Show is expected to expand to 30+ stations in 2017.

Reach: The program airs locally in such markets as Las Vegas, NV, Milwaukee, WI, Pittsburgh, PA, Tampa, FL, Lancaster, PA, Boulder, CO, Long Beach, CA, Macon, GA, and Newport Richie, FL. In addition, it will be also be carried on iHeartRadio as well as on the Internet at http://amfm247.com. Rebroadcast of the shows will be on Roku TV.

Information Strategies, Inc. also conducts focus groups, proprietary research, and creates special edition of books and other publications for industry marketers. Additional information available on request.

Contact:                                                                         Donald Mazzella 
                                                                                        PO Box 315
                                                                                        Ridgefield, NJ 07657