JoAnn M. Laing

JoAnn M. Laing has 20+ years of experience envisioning, building and leveraging digital media, technology and information to increase sales, market share and profitability advising small businesses on how to grow.   

Ms. Laing is skilled in digital and multi-channel marketing.  She was named a top woman in Silicon Alley and included in Folio’s Top Women in Digital Media.   

And, she has leadership experience: managed P&Ls of $50 million - $1+ billion involving up to 10,000+ workers conducting business in 70+ countries. 

Currently, Ms. Laing serves as Chairman for Information Strategies, Inc. (owner of Small Business Digest), where during her tenure, she expanded the subscription base to more than 11 million.  Additionally, Ms. Laing conceived and built a $37+ billion proprietary online marketing, sales channel of products and services providing solutions to improve small business performance.   

Prior to this position, Ms. Laing was recruited to serve a Group President, Employer Service and LeadClick Media for First Advantage Corporation, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Sara Lee Branded Apparel, became the highest ranking P&L woman executive at Olivetti, plus she was Director Internal Consulting, Assistant Treasurer for Chase Manhattan Bank and Senior Consultant for Citicorp/Citibank.  

Ms. Laing earned a Bachelor of Science in Business at Syracuse University, where she received the Distinguished Alumni Award; then earned her M.B.A., from Harvard Business School where she was name a Harvard Business School Alumnae Leader.  Ms. Laing is a host and keynote speaker at national conferences such as The White House conferences on HSAs, blogs on small business, quoted in numerous business publications (The Wall Street Journal, American Banker, among others), 

She is the author/co-author of four sector leading business books (The Janus Principle, Focusing Your Company On Selling To Small Business; Solutions to Today's HR Challenges; Small Business Guide to HSAs; Consumer's Guide to Health Savings Accounts). 

In addition, she has contributed to other publications such as 42 Rules for Driving Success with Books (2nd Edition) by Mitchell Levy; and Leadership & Managing People Case Study: Note on Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, and Health Savings Accounts by Regina E. Herzlinger (Harvard Business Publishing). 

Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins started his career in the Financial Service Industry with Nationwide Insurance Company of Columbus Ohio, in 1970.  In 1973 Dan became an account executive in the Columbus Ohio office of Merrill Lynch. He left production in 1979 to move to New York, to become a product manager. In1989 he went out on his own and started a money management and financial consulting small business.

Dan is a current events commentator who writes for Thehill.com, The DalyCaller.com, Constuition.com, Reaganbaby.com, The dailysurge.com and clashdaly.com and appears on radio and TV across the nation. He is the author of a trilogy on Radical Islamic Nuclear Terrorism against the United States called the Brother of the Red Nile and also writes children’s books.

Dan and his wife Gerri founded in 2014, a 501c3 foundation called Songs and Stories for Soldiers, Inc. Their foundation is operating in 53 VA and active duty hospitals across the United States helping soldiers with PTSD, sleep deprivation and suicide prevention. In just over 24 months the foundation has distributed over 10,000 MP3 players.  The website is songsandstoriesforsoldiers.us.

Donald P. Mazzella

Donald P. Mazzella is COO and Editorial Director of Information Strategies, Inc. (ISI), a company that helps small business managers, HR professionals, and healthcare industry stakeholders improve profits. He currently oversees an Internet publication network with more than 4.5 million opt-in small business readers and a million more stakeholders in HR and healthcare. 

His latest book is An American Family Sampler from ibooks, Inc.; he co-authored a book on marketing to small business, The Janus Principle, Focusing Your Company On Selling To Small Business. 

A nationally known speaker, he has appeared on television (MSNBC, Bloomberg) and dozens of radio programs as well as being quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal. 

He is anchor or co-anchor of two weekly radio shows, Small Business Digest and Two Men From Verona. In addition, he is a guest on an average of 5 radio and television programs each week. 

Prior to ISI, Mr. Mazzella was the Publisher of Income Opportunities magazine which was owned by Essence Communications. He won a National Press Club award for best consumer story. 

He has previous senior management experience with Thomson-Reuters, McGraw-Hill and Informatics in both the editorial and production functions. 

He holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from New York University.